Hidden Histories of the Information Age

Technology’s impact on our lives. Aleks Krotoski presents five stories from the new Information Age gallery at the Science Museum in London. Broadcast on Radio 4 at 1345 Monday to Friday.

GPS 5/5 24 Oct 14
Soldiers traditionally learned to find their way around with a compass and a map. Aleks Krotoski explores how GPS transformed navigation during the first Gulf War in 1991.
Dátum: 2014-10-24 Idő: 14:00:00
Leo Computer 4/5 23 Oct 14
The company that brought computers into business was Lyons, known for its cakes and teashops. Aleks Krotoski tells the story of how this technology transformed office work.
Dátum: 2014-10-23 Idő: 14:00:00
Our World 3/5 22 Oct 14
Aleks Krotoski looks back to June 1967, when 400 million people across the globe watched a ground-breaking TV show, "Our World", the first programme linking countries by satellite.
Dátum: 2014-10-23 Idő: 11:43:00
Tat - 1 2/5 21 Oct 14
In the 1950s Paul Robeson was banned from leaving the USA. Aleks Krotoski tells the story of how he used the new transatlantic telephone cable to sing live to British fans.
Dátum: 2014-10-21 Idő: 14:00:00
The Enfield Exchange 1/5 20 Oct 14
With expertise from the Science Museum's curators, Aleks Krotoski uncovers the hidden histories of manual telephone exchanges and how they changed the working lives of young women.
Dátum: 2014-10-20 Idő: 14:00:00