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Brighten your week with an episode of the latest Radio 4 comedy. Every Monday we bring you a fantastic variety of comedians including Mark Thomas, Lenny Henry and Tom Wrigglesworth alongside classic shows such as Just A Minute and Ed Reardon.

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01 JUN 15: Mark Steel's in Town: Melton Mowbray
Mark visits the Leicestershire Town of Melton Mowbray where he discovers that as well as being the home of the Melton Mowbray Pork Pie and Stilton Cheese, it has also coincidentally, been officially ranked the most obese area of Leicestershire. He looks at the history of fox hunting in the area, meets several eccentric local residents including a crime fighting milk man and he tries to get to the bottom of who and what is the Melton Mowbray Town Estate, a mysterious organisation established in 1549.
Dátum: 2015-06-01 Idő: 05:00:00
John Kearns: 25 MAY 15
John Kearns, the Winner of the Main Prize at the 2014 Edinburgh Comedy Festival, as well as the Best Newcomer Award in 2013. In this episode, we get a glimpse into the oddball mind of John as he returns home from work in "The Ticket."
Dátum: 2015-05-25 Idő: 05:00:00
Lemn Sissay's Homecoming (ep. 2): 18 MAY 15
Poet Lemn Sissay explores the nature of home through comedy, poetry and conversation in front of an audience in his adopted home of London. 2/2.
Dátum: 2015-05-18 Idő: 05:00:00
Lemn Sissay's Homecoming: 11 MAY 15
Poet Lemn Sissay explores the nature of home through comedy, poetry and conversation in front of an audience in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
Dátum: 2015-05-11 Idő: 05:00:00
Clare in the Community: 04 May 15
Social worker Clare Barker has mysteriously fled her honeymoon and returned to work. The other social workers have an unfortunate experience on a community project.
Dátum: 2015-05-04 Idő: 12:42:00
Mark Thomas: Bravo Figaro: 27 APR 15
Mark Thomas's award-winning show about his opera-loving father and their relationship. The story of how Mark came to book Royal Opera House singers in his parent's bungalow
Dátum: 2015-04-27 Idő: 05:00:00
Ed Reardon's Week: 20 APR 15
In an attempt to make money and to escape his daughter's gluten free falafel salad, Ed enrols on a clinical trial.
Dátum: 2015-04-20 Idő: 05:00:00
Dilemma: 13 APR 15
Sue Perkins returns with a fourth series of the show that puts the big moral and ethical questions to a mixed panel.
Dátum: 2015-04-13 Idő: 06:30:00
Tim FitzHigham: The Gambler: 08 Apr 15
Adventuring comedian Tim FitzHigham recreates an 18th century bet; can he walk from London's Royal Academy to the Royal Exchange building while blindfolded in under one hour?
Dátum: 2015-04-08 Idő: 13:08:00
Hannah Gadsby: Arts Clown: 30 MAR 15
Award-winning Tasmanian comedian and art historian Hannah Gadsby looks at Pablo Picasso's angry masterpiece the 1907 canvas 'Les Demoiselles d'Avignon'.
Dátum: 2015-03-30 Idő: 05:00:00