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WBR: Wall Street Update 10 Jun 15
Bank of England governor Mark Carney calls for tougher prison sentences for those who manipulate the markets, and New York proposes mandatory salt level warnings on restaurant menus. Plus our daily look at the markets with Doug McIntyre of 24/7 Wall Street.
Dátum: 2015-06-11 Idő: 09:29:00
WBR: Africa leaders sign 'Cape to Cairo' free trade bloc deal
African leaders have agreed to create the continent's largest free-trade zone, covering 26 countries in an area from Cape Town to Cairo. Supporters argue it could transform Africa's economic fortunes. Our Africa business reporter Matthew Davies helps us compare rhetoric with reality. Meanwhile another proposed trade deal has suffered a setback, as a vote in Strasbourg on a major proposed EU-US free trade deal has been delayed. We discuss the proposed pact with Sander Loones, a Flemish MEP, and German MEP Ska Keller. Also, we hear how hackers have found a new way to make money out of software loopholes. We talk to Steve Jacques, an engineer at Juniper Networks, who helped write a report on an emerging grey market for information about software vulnerabilities. Plus, there's been a dramatic rise in the number of women drinking whisky. Our reporter Lucy Burton has been trying to find out why.
Dátum: 2015-06-10 Idő: 17:30:00
WBR: Wall Street Update 9 Jun 15
HSBC announces it is to shed thousands of jobs around the world; how will this play out on the markets? We talk to Joe Saluzzi of Themis Trading in New Jersey.
Dátum: 2015-06-09 Idő: 23:15:00
WBR: HSBC cuts 8000 jobs in the UK in savings drive
HSBC Shake-up to Cost up to 25,000 Jobs Operations in Turkey and Brazil to go as part of $5bn cost cuts. Former RBS boss George Mathewson is credited with turning around that bank's fortunes. We ask him whether HSBC's turnaround plans will work, and consider HSBC's position in the wider banking sector with Roger Bootle from Capital Economics. We have a report from advertising giant WPP's annual general meeting, where people have been asking whether its boss Sir Martin Sorrell is really worth $66m per year. Also in the programme, new restrictions on drinking in public have been introduced in the Spanish seaside resort of Magaluf, after widespread antisocial behaviour. We ask a bar owner for her take. Plus the latest research suggests that a prescription of classical music might work as effectively as pills to lower blood pressure. We find out more from Dr Mike Knapton, Medical Director at the British Heart Foundation.
Dátum: 2015-06-09 Idő: 18:30:00
WBR: Wall Street Update 8th June 15
The G7 vows to stamp out global use of fossil fuels within the century, are leaders avoiding accountability with such a long time frame? Plus our regular round up of the markets States-side.
Dátum: 2015-06-08 Idő: 23:26:00
WBR: Turkey ruling party loses majority 8th June 15
A shock election result for Turkey, but what does it mean for the economy?We talk to risk consultant Dr Elizabeth Stephens, and Gareth Jenkins, a writer who has lived in Istanbul for 26 years. Germany is renewing pressure on Greece to strike a deal with Europe, but following a war of words over the weekend, are they going about it the right way? We ask Pandelis Valasopoulos, a Berlin-based reporter with the Greek TV channel Mega TV. Also in the programme, “EyeWitness To Atrocities” is a phone app which hopes to be a weapon in the battle against human rights abuses and war crimes. Our technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones gives us his assessment. Plus, our regular commentator Lucy Kellaway considers the thorny question of giving and receiving feedback.
Dátum: 2015-06-08 Idő: 17:30:00
WBR: Wall Street Update 5 June 15
The monthly jobs report was out today in the US. So what happened in May? We find out from Chris Low of FTN Financial in New York.
Dátum: 2015-06-05 Idő: 21:40:00
WBR: EU Under Pressure From North and South
It is 40 years since Britain voted to stay in the EU. Now, though, there is another referendum on the issue looming. Further south, Greece is piling on the pressure, too. The BBC's Adam Parsons reports from Brussels. Are modern techniques of salmon farming safe and sustainable? It is a controversial topic and one which will be high on the agenda of today's World Ocean Summit, taking place in Portugal. Research from the US says music artists are increasingly making references to brand names in their songs, so why are so many musicians apparently selling out? The BBC's Theo Leggett has been finding out. Plus, we take a look back over the past week in business.
Dátum: 2015-06-05 Idő: 18:14:00
WBR: Wall Street Update 4 June 15
The cost of borrowing money in the world's biggest economy has been close to zero for more than six years now. So is it time for US interest rates to rise? No, according to the International Monetary Fund. It's urged the US central bank to hold fire until next year. It's unusual for the IMF to intervene directly and issue advice on what a central bank should do with interest rates. Cary Leahy of Decision Economics told us what investors on Wall Street made of it.
Dátum: 2015-06-05 Idő: 00:51:00
WBR: Warner tells all 04 Jun 15
Jack Warner promises he will tell investigators everything he knows about corruption in FIFA, where he used to be Vice President. We visit Portugal one year on from leaving its bailout program. We ask if austerity works? 44 people arrested in Rome after a sting with links to a one-eyed mafia boss. And British bands sold one in every seven albums around the world last year.
Dátum: 2015-06-04 Idő: 18:24:00