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Uncovering the real stories behind the news. Simon Cox and fellow reporters delve beneath the headlines. The Report airs every Thursday evening at 8pm on Radio 4 for 38 weeks a year. The programme lasts 28 minutes.

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Aid to Nepal 21 May 15
Aid is pouring in to Nepal in the wake of the earthquake. But in a country where corruption is endemic, will the money go where it is intended? Simon Cox investigates. Producer: Ben Crighton
Dátum: 2015-05-21 Idő: 20:30:00
Drug Resistance 07 May 15
Peter Marshall investigates why drug resistance is now regarded by the UK government as one of the biggest threats to public safety.
Dátum: 2015-05-07 Idő: 20:30:00
Sexism in the City 30 Apr 15
A City banker gets a £3 million payout for sex discrimination at work. Simon Cox asks why such cases still happen despite laws to prevent it. What's the impact on those involved? This programme contains strong language.
Dátum: 2015-04-30 Idő: 20:30:00
The Satanic Cult That Wasn't 23 Apr 15
How claims of a Satanic abuse cult in a North London suburb went global, but turned out to be untrue. Melanie Abbott investigates.
Dátum: 2015-04-23 Idő: 20:30:00
Sharia Law in Britain 16 Apr 15
Britain's sharia councils are to be reviewed by the government. Reporter Jenny Chryss asks if it is possible to regulate Islamic law in the UK.
Dátum: 2015-04-16 Idő: 20:30:00
Are Russian sanctions dangerous for Britain? 09 Apr 15
EU sanctions on Russia are up for renewal. The Report asks should the UK be backing them.
Dátum: 2015-04-09 Idő: 20:30:00
The Murder of Meredith Kercher 02 Apr 15
As Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito are cleared for a second time of the 2007 murder of British student Meredith Kercher, Ruth Alexander examines the case against them.
Dátum: 2015-04-02 Idő: 20:30:00
Tony Blair: Farewell to the Quartet 26 Mar 15
As Tony Blair prepares to step down from his diplomatic role in the Middle East, Simon Cox asks why the former prime minister is going and what he has achieved.
Dátum: 2015-03-26 Idő: 20:30:00
Trouble at The Telegraph 19 Mar 15
The Daily Telegraph's political commentator, Peter Oborne, resigned in February 2015, accusing the paper of shying away from stories that might upset its advertisers. Robin Aitken asks whether this is fair and traces the Telegraph's evolution from a broadsheet newspaper to a multimedia "news content provider."
Dátum: 2015-03-19 Idő: 20:30:00
The Truth About Fat 12 Mar 15
There is no link between saturated fat and heart disease, according to a recent report in a respected scientific journal. So why has official public health advice for the past decades recommended a low fat diet? Adrian Goldberg investigates.
Dátum: 2015-03-12 Idő: 20:30:00