Americana: inside the USA

An insider’s guide to the stories and people shaping the USA today. Discussion and insight from some of the best known names and voices in America.

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9 Sep 11: Ground Zero
For a special 45-minute live show, Americana comes from Ground Zero, in downtown New York, where Jonny Dymond will talk with Americans about how their country - and mindset - has changed in the decade since 9/11. Also featuring a round table discussion with journalist and author Peter Beinart, the Gothamist blogger and managing editor John Del Signore, Daily Beast contributor Dana Goldstein and Pastor Vernon Williams, of the Perfect Peace Ministry in Harlem.
Dátum: 2011-09-12 Idő: 15:19:00
4 Sep 11: Detroit
A special show on one of Americas most troubled cities, Detroit. Americana talks with the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan, Barbara McQuade about the rocketing homicide rates in Detroit. Detroits bravest man - the proud owner of new Fiat dealership - discusses the auto trades nascent recovery. And violinist Regina Carter explains why Motor Citys world famous jazz festival is about more than just bringing in the tourist dollars.
Dátum: 2011-09-05 Idő: 11:30:00
28 Aug 11: US Postal Service
The US Post Master General discusses the fate of the US Postal Service as demand and profits decline. Professor Bill Marling discusses James M. Cains American noir classic, "The Postman Always Rings Twice." And in a week when the people of Marthas Vineyard dealt once again with a presidential holiday, Americana talks finds that not everyone enjoys the attention.
Dátum: 2011-08-30 Idő: 09:50:00
21 Aug 11: Barack Obama's approval-ratings
This week, as Barack Obama's personal approval ratings slump to an all-time low of just 39%, we'll ask Democrat Strategist Terry McAuliffe whether the President can still pull off a dramatic comeback, in the style of number 33, Harry Truman. Brother and sister Tamim Ansary and Rebecca Pettys recall an idyllic American childhood...spent in Afghanistan's Helmand Valley. The author Philip Connors gives us a call from his self-imposed solitude among the treetops of New Mexico's Gila National Forest. And Darius Rucker tells all on going from rock band black country & western singer.
Dátum: 2011-08-22 Idő: 12:06:00
14 Aug 11: the Chicago Mercantile Exchange
As international stock markets see-saw in the wake of Americas downgrade from AAA status, we bring you the economic outlook from Americas other trading floor - the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Mormon blogger Joanna Brooks exposes the greatest myths surrounding Mormonism in America - and assesses the prospects of two Mormon presidential hopefuls. Vera Farmiga - star of Up In The Air - talks about her directorial debut, "Higher Ground," in which she explores Americas relationship with religion. And from religious to the irreligious, author Otto Penzler uncovers Americas obsession with zombies.
Dátum: 2011-08-15 Idő: 11:30:00
7 Aug 11: America's military spending
Presenter David Willis talks to journalist Stephen Glain about his new book, State vs. Defense. The two discuss the impact of the US military on American finances and the role it could play as the nation struggles to regain its footing. Author Mim Harrison explains how a common language divides much of the United States. Musician Warren Wolf Jr. demonstrates what a vibraphone is all about. It takes more muscle then one might think. And Grammy Award-winning music label Archeophone Records, digs out some of its favorite sounds from America's earliest recording days. Co-owners Richard Martin and Meagan Hennessey share some of the nations founding sounds.
Dátum: 2011-08-08 Idő: 11:30:00
31 Jul 11: America's silent majority
Analysts Lou Zickar and Eleanor Clift discuss what it will take to get America's silent majority to raise their voices for change. Throughout her term in office, Governor of Washington Christine Gregoire made tough decisions in order to keep her state's economy from collapse. She talks about how hard times forced her hand and why she's not campaigning to lead again. Gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson brought to life the crazy and tragic times of America's 1960s and illustrator Ralph Steadman brought those stories into full colour. Mr. Steadman reflects upon what those days meant then and mean now. And director Alex Gibney talks about his film, The Magic Trip, a documentary about the drugs of the 1960s and today.
Dátum: 2011-08-01 Idő: 11:30:00
24 Jul 11: the African American community
As the presidential campaign for 2012 ramps up Americana checks in with leaders and laymen from the African American community about how interest in this season may compare to voter engagement in years past. Political commentator Michelle Bernard and professor of political science Dr Hasan Crockett weigh in. Comedian Alonzo Bodden has become a master of laughter. He explains how to dance across the line politically, socially and racially. Mumbo sauce is hitting markets across the Washington DC area, playing well with soul food fans from across the nation. Americana takes a taste. And trombonist Fred Wesley explains the political language of jazz versus funk.
Dátum: 2011-07-25 Idő: 11:30:00
17 Jul 11: manufacturing in the US
As Americas political candidates rack up their visits to factory floors across the nation hoping to garner support, Americana examines the past and future of manufacturing in the US. Further from the industrial centres of the U.S., Americas pea farmers share perspectives on the tough economy, And one of Americas most beloved country stories, Charlottes Web, celebrates 60 years since its first publication. Biographer Michael Sims describes the sensitive nature writing of E.B. White for which White, like Beatrix Potter, became a champion. And Banjo maker, Jim Mills explains the history and charm of one of rural Americas most iconic instruments.
Dátum: 2011-07-18 Idő: 11:30:00
10 Jul 11: The Green Revolution
Americana looks at the changing shades of green across the US from the farm fields sown to the philosophies of the open roads. Experts debate the pros and cons, promises and goals of green investments and subsidies, Senator Jim DeMint talks about his new book "The Great American Awakening," Georgia farmer Bo Herndon discusses the impact that potential immigration legislation is already having on his harvest and Americana visits a drive-thru daiquiri shop to enjoy a refreshing, and surprisingly legal, treat from Louisiana.
Dátum: 2011-07-11 Idő: 11:30:00