Documentaries 2008

Throughout the week BBC World Service offers a wide range of documentaries and other factual programmes. This podcast offers you the chance to access landmark series from our archive.

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Brand Cuba part one
In Brand Cuba, Allan Little analyses some of the factors that have kept Cuba alive in the public imagination over such a long period.
Dátum: 2008-12-29 Idő: 11:00:00
Too Many Santas
Throughout much of the Christian world Christmas is the time when Santa Claus dominates – a fat jolly chap who is our friend.
Dátum: 2008-12-26 Idő: 11:00:00
Assignment In Exile
There are more than 10 million Palestinians living around the world, more than half of whom are stateless. In this year when Israel has been marking its 60th anniversary many Palestinians have been reflecting on the event that for them meant exile. The naqba, or catastrophe, is how they describe the destruction of many of their villages and towns and their own dispersal following the creation of the state of Israel in 1948. For Assignment Paul Adams spoke to four Palestinians in exile.
Dátum: 2008-12-25 Idő: 11:00:00
Return to White Horse Village part three
While Chinas economy has boomed over the past 30 years, many of its 700 million farmers have been stuck in poverty. Their only hope of a wage has been far from home in the factories and building sites of the boomtowns.
Dátum: 2008-12-23 Idő: 11:00:00
Timeline part three
Timeline is the programme where the past sheds light on recent events though use of archive material.
Dátum: 2008-12-19 Idő: 11:00:00
Assignment A Return to Helmand
Last year our correspondent Jill McGivering reported from Helmand Province in southern Afghanistan on the constant violence and the struggle to bring development to the region. Now shes returned, one year on, to see if theres been any progress.
Dátum: 2008-12-18 Idő: 11:00:00
Return to White Horse Village part two
While Chinas economy has boomed over the past 30 years, many of its 700 million farmers have been stuck in poverty.
Dátum: 2008-12-17 Idő: 11:00:00
Timeline part two
In this topical and lively series, contemporary stories and events are explored through the examination of archive material of events that have gone before.
Dátum: 2008-12-12 Idő: 11:00:00
Assignment Bolivia on the Brink
And now Assignment asks whether Bolivia is on the brink of civil war. In the run-up to next month’s crucial vote on a new constitution, Daniel Schweimler reports from the wealthy and white-dominated city of Santa Cruz, where the dispute over the policies of the country’s indigenous President Evo Morales are spilling over into racial violence.
Dátum: 2008-12-10 Idő: 11:00:00
Assignment - Aids and the Caribbean
Five years after doing a series of reports on HIV and AIDS in the Caribbean, Emma Joseph retraces her steps for Assignment to find out whether the region still has one of the highest infection rates in the world, and to meet some of the people she first encountered in 2003.
Dátum: 2008-12-04 Idő: 11:00:00