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FOOC June 18 2015: On the Brink
Insight, context and colour. Today, the barbs fly as Greece seems to be stumbling towards default; ambitious plans for a new trans-continental railway in South America -- but who stands to benefit and who will lose out? The migrants living on boulders on Italy's shoreline just along the coast from the glittering French Riviera; dissatisfaction among Estonia's Russian minority as relations between Russia and the West become colder and our correspondent makes a discovery in war-ravaged Gaza City -- the very best ice cream he's ever tasted!
Dátum: 2015-06-18 Idő: 11:30:00
FOOC June 13 2015: Between Life and Death
Storytelling and writing. In this edition Gabriel Gatehouse is in Sicily which suffered waves of emigration in the 20th century. Today it's having to get used to being a centre of immigration with the arrival of thousands of mainly African migrants; Orla Guerin's in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad. The jihadists of Islamic State are only 70-miles away now, but residents seem more concerned about the renewed wave of sectarian killings than about the advance of IS; Mark Stratton's in Micronesia. Some of the islands there, with their immaculate beaches and swaying palms, seem like paradise. Yet people are leaving. Why? Peter Day looks back at the frenzied casino which was the trading floor at the Chicago Board of Trade. With computers now having taken over much of the business, its doors will soon close for the final time. And Tom Holland's in a town in Canada which boasts a replica of Jerusalem in the time of Jesus and where there are plans to fill a ravine with dinosaurs.
Dátum: 2015-06-13 Idő: 12:00:00
FOOC June 11 2015: The Battle for Aden
Insight, colour, context, detail. In this edition, war rips the heart out of old Aden as the warring parties in Yemen prepare for peace talks; a day of reckoning in Canada as extensive, painful details are released about the way the country's aboriginal children were treated over more than a century; a British man, fighting against Islamic State in Syria, tells us why it's time for him to leave the battlefield and head home; a controversy in Moscow about a plan to erect a huge statue of St Vladimir - Christianity is well and truly back as part of Russia's new identity; and a bronze Jacques Cousteau stares out to sea as our man dives into the water off Mexico to swim with a shark
Dátum: 2015-06-11 Idő: 11:35:00
FOOC June 6 2015: A Turkish Mosaic
Windows on the world. Today: diverse and contradictory views about the Turkish election and the country's president Recep Tayyip Erdogan from three very different parts of the country; there's now a record number of migrants in the French port of Calais - they're concerned not only about the hostility they face but also about the widespread ignorance in Europe about what's really going on in their home countries; as gloom deepens further at FIFA headquarters in Zurich, we hear Swiss fears the scandal is a further blow to the image the country once enjoyed as a place of chocolate and cheese, competence and quality; there's a visit to the world's biggest shipyard, which is in South Korea, but why does the place remind our correspondent of sepia photographs and old newsreels and it's 'transhumance' time: we're in the Pyrenees as thousands of cattle and sheep set off for their summer pastures on the slopes
Dátum: 2015-06-06 Idő: 12:00:00
FOOC June 04 2015: The Last Election?
Context and colour. In today's edition: Turkey at the crossroads ahead of Sunday's election; the Spanish city where there's only one Christian family left in a neighbourhood of 12-thousand people; the farmers of Namibia are being urged to go easy on the big cats they feel threaten their livestock. Why the picturesque but cash-strapped Darjeeling Himalayan Railway won't be receiving private investment any time soon and why the followers of the controversial Reverend Moon believe they might hold the formula which could ensure a peaceful future for north east Asia?
Dátum: 2015-06-04 Idő: 11:30:00
FOOC May 30 2015: Should I Stay or Should I Go?
News and current affairs storytelling, context and colour: the Russians contemplating leaving the country because of what they see as an increasingly harsh and intolerant political climate; Cuba and the US may be close to announcing a date for the re-opening of their respective embassies, but many in Havana still wait for the thaw to bring more products onto the shelves of shops; the Indians driven away from their villages by a bitter conflict between the state and Maoist guerillas; a leak from upstairs causes an unwanted shower but brings an insight into the interesting peculiarities of plumbing in Paris and how tourism has driven an economic recovery in Iceland and changed the way of life in this Scandinavian outpost.
Dátum: 2015-05-30 Idő: 12:00:00
FOOC May 28 2015: The American Dream in Trouble
Talking points from around the globe. In this edition, the gulf between rich and poor in New York just goes on growing -- working hard doesn't seem enough any more, the next rung on the ladder increasingly appears to be out of reach; more shootings in the Somali capital Mogadishu - rebuilding may be proceeding there after two decades of civil war, but the security situation remains precarious; sixty thousand churches in Ghana, but some ministers seem more interested in making money than saving souls; thousands turn out for a free festival in Morocco where the aim of the musicians was to show that music and Islam can live together in harmony; and our correspondent spends the night in one of the oldest houses in the Faroe Islands. It was, she tells us, quite literally a door into the islands' past.
Dátum: 2015-05-28 Idő: 11:30:00
FOOC May 23 2015: The War That Made Itself At Home
Storytelling from the world of news and current affairs. In this edition: Fergal Keane on why there's little international drive to bring the fighting in eastern Ukraine to an end; Frank Gardner on how there's increasing nervousness in Jordan as Islamic State continues to gain ground in neighbouring Iraq and Syria; Stephen Sackur on signs of upheaval inside the Zanu-PF party as speculation grows about who, eventually, will replace the ageing Robert Mugabe as leader of Zimbabwe; Shaimaa Khalil's at a police academy outside the Pakistani capital, Islamabad, where the recruits keep on coming and young women are among the keenest! And Justin Marozzi visits a hospital in Qatar which specialises in treating injured falcons.
Dátum: 2015-05-23 Idő: 12:00:00
FOOC May 21 2015: A Coup Crumbles
The programme that takes you places. In this edition to two countries, Burundi and Macedonia, where people have taken to the streets demanding change. In both, the outcome remains uncertain, the mood volatile, the conditions dangerous. Another correspondent looks on as thousands of troops from the US and its allies take part in a military exercise in Jordan - the top brass, meanwhile, are considering how best to tackle the advance of the fighters of Islamic State across the border in Iraq and Syria. Spaniards, after years of economic woe, are deserting their traditional political parties and we're in Barcelona, hearing why the radical left could soon seize control of the city hall. And 20-years after a spectacular volcanic eruption in the largest of the islands which make up Papua New Guinea we visit East New Britain and find people there upset that the tourists continue to give their homeland a wide berth.
Dátum: 2015-05-21 Idő: 11:32:00
FOOC May 16 2015: Stranded at Sea
Around the world. Today - the increasingly desperate plight of men, women and children who have fled Burma but are being denied permission to go ashore in Thailand, Malaysia or Indonesia. Five months after British and American forces left Afghanistan, instability is growing and the nation's political elite stands accused of failing to give the armed forces the support they need. We learn how part of the war in Jordan against the fighters who call themselves Islamic State is being waged in cyberspace. There's the story of 'a hot Hungarian sex machine on top of a Russian cream cake' causing controversy in the centre of Budapest and one about how the cheap flights revolution has touched down on an archipelago in the mid-Atlantic. The prospect of hordes of sun-seeking northern Europeans arriving is causing some apprehension!
Dátum: 2015-05-16 Idő: 12:04:00