You and Yours

BBC Radio 4's daily consumer programme with Winifred Robinson and Peter White. You and Yours brings news, discussion and special investigations on a wide range of consumer subjects, everyday between 12 noon and 1. Topics include health, energy, leisur

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Deliveroo and Airport VAT
Just why do airport shops and pharmacy ask to see your boarding pass; and how you can get food from your favourite eat-in restaurant delivered to your door.
Dátum: 2015-05-29 Idő: 14:11:00
Beer for women and NHS care
This week... have sexist beer adverts had their day? And the women who has accused NHS staff of neglect after the death of her husband.
Dátum: 2015-05-22 Idő: 14:48:00
Iceland's boss and sandwiches
This week we hear from Iceland's managing director on how to they're fighting back and just why are sandwiches so popular?
Dátum: 2015-05-15 Idő: 09:32:00
Beautiful People, Car Hire
This week, what happened when one vicar didn't get the car he'd been promised on a hire contract and Winifred Robinson finds out if she can get accepted by the dating website that only allows beautiful people.
Dátum: 2015-05-07 Idő: 14:40:00
Champing, Fake Tan
This week - how the churches conservation trust hope Champing - camping in churches - could become the next big thing. And sales of fake tan have dropped by 20% - we find out why with Vogue's international Beauty Director.
Dátum: 2015-04-30 Idő: 16:18:00
Children's Mental Health and Pledgefunding
We hear the arresting stories from two You and Yours listeners about the difficulties many young people are facing with depression and other emotional problems. Plus, how pledge-funding can support your favourite act to release an album without a record label.
Dátum: 2015-04-24 Idő: 14:03:00
Clickbait, Colouring-in and Maps
This week: just why is Clickbait so annoying, how an adult colouring in book shot to top of the Amazon sales charts and as the Ordinance Survey reaches a million downloads - what is it that makes maps special.
Dátum: 2015-04-16 Idő: 14:30:00
Football Streaming, Compression Sportswear
If you're watching live Premier League football at 3pm on a Saturday are you breaking the law? We find out. Plus - does compression sportswear really work.
Dátum: 2015-04-09 Idő: 15:28:00
How to buy your own Lord or Lady title
If you've always wanted to be a Lord or Lady but weren't born to the right parents, you can buy the title online - we meet a man who did. Plus in the run up to the Easter getaway weekend, three BBC foreign correspondents talk about their best and worst memories of busy international airports.
Dátum: 2015-04-03 Idő: 14:00:00
Ikea Hide & Seek and Hoarding
We hear about attempts to stop people playing Hide & Seek inside Ikea's giant furniture warehouses and the man who's set up a shop to sell everything he'd hoarded for fifty years.
Dátum: 2015-03-26 Idő: 15:58:00