Witness Archive 2011

Witness - history as told by the people who were there. Five days a week we will be talking to people who lived through moments of history to bring you a personal perspective on world events.

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Witness: US troops in Iraq
Earlier this month the last US troops left Iraq, well before their deadline of December 31st. We hear from an American soldier who remembers when they first invaded in 2003.
Dátum: 2011-12-30 Idő: 09:00:00
Witness: The creation of Tetris
In 1984 a Russian scientist invented one of the most addictive computer games ever.
Dátum: 2011-12-29 Idő: 09:10:00
Witness: Enid Blyton and the BBC
The troubled relationship between the BBC and the best-selling childrens author, Enid Blyton.
Dátum: 2011-12-28 Idő: 09:00:00
Witness: The release of Sakharov
It is 25 years since the famous Soviet dissident was allowed to go home.
Dátum: 2011-12-27 Idő: 09:15:00
Witness: The sinking of the Scharnhorst
How one of the greatest ships in the German navy was sunk during WW2.
Dátum: 2011-12-26 Idő: 09:10:00
Witness: The Christmas Truce
In 1914 German and British soldiers stopped fighting each other. (This programme is a repeat)
Dátum: 2011-12-23 Idő: 09:08:00
Witness: Billy Graham
How the worlds most famous evangelist began preaching internationally.
Dátum: 2011-12-22 Idő: 09:00:00
Witness: George Harrison's Concert for Bangladesh
How the former Beatle, George Harrison, organised the first big rock benefit concert in 1971.
Dátum: 2011-12-21 Idő: 09:00:00
Witness: The British miners' strike
Christmas 1984 was a hard time for Britain's miners who had been on strike for 9 months.
Dátum: 2011-12-20 Idő: 09:04:00
Witness: Spice Girls
15 years ago the British all-girl band the Spice Girls were celebrating their first ever Christmas number one.
Dátum: 2011-12-19 Idő: 09:00:00