The Olympics

Will Perry, Eleanor Oldroyd and the 5 live team bring you the latest from the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. Featuring news, analysis and interviews with those going for Olympic gold.

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Victoria Pendleton, David Weir and the original Blade Runner - Marlon Shirley
A glorious summer of sport has finally drawn to a close, leaving much of the country feeling inspired. BBC 5 Live caught up with David Weir at the Athletes' Parade to speak about his extraordinary quadruple gold medal haul. Mo Farah and his former P.E. teacher speak about his initial steps into running. Northern Irish sprinters Jason Smyth and Michael McKillop tell BBC Ulster about their success at the Paralympics. Victoria Pendleton has had incredible success but she spoke about her difficulties dealing with the intense pressure of elite sport in a very frank interview with Victoria Derbyshire. US athlete Marlon Shirley had an exceptionally hard childhood; raised in an orphanage after being abandoned by his prostitute mother, he told BBC World Service how he overcame this to become the first Paralympian to break the 11 second mark in the 100 metres. Nearly everyone found themselves getting inspired by the London 2012 Games, including Sandi Toksvig on Radio 4's, The News Quiz.
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David Smith, the Athletes’ Parade and Paralympic jokes
As the London 2012 Games drew to a close, thousands lined the streets of London to cheer on the Athletes' Parade, including a very excited BBC reporter - Stephen Chittenden. Also present were triathlon superstars, the Brownlee Brothers, who told 5 Live about the impact of public support. David Smith revealed to Sportsweek how rowing saved his life. On Radio 2, Linda Roberts told Chris Evans how she couldn’t wish for any more for her son, gold medallist Jonnie Peacock. Despite topping the Olympic Games league table with 46 gold medals, United States slipped to sixth place in the Paralympics; Ruth Alexander investigated the issue for BBC World Service’s “More or Less”. What jokes can you make about the Paralympics? Robin Lustig debated where the line was drawn with Channel 4 presenter Alex Brooker and comedian Adams Hills for The World Tonight. Finally, 5 Live’s Shelagh Fogarty hears from some of the extraordinary Games Makers about their experiences at the London Games.
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Oscar Pistorius’ outburst, Aled Davies and Philip Craven
Ellie Simmonds stormed to victory after winning two titles and setting two world records. Among her supporters was Steve Simmons, her father who told BBC WM that her victories were not guaranteed. A delighted Aled Davies speaks to Chris Evans the morning after taking gold in the discus. Oscar Pistorius has been the poster boy for London 2012 but after losing the 200m final, he suggested that Brazilian Alan Oliveira had benefited from using longer blades. IPC Medical Director Peter Van de Vliet refuted these assertions on Radio 4. Pistorius issued an apology for the timing of his comments but on the Jeremy Vine Show, the debate raged as to whether his comments were a legitimate complaint or simply sour grapes. Silver medallist Aileen McGlynn speaks about her first forays into cycling in “The Paralympians”. IPC President Philip Craven reveals his delight in the media coverage of this year’s Paralympics. Finally, sailors Niki Birrell and Alexandra Rickham discuss their medal hopes.
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Olympics:John Harris, Stefanie Reid and “boosting” at the Paralympics
The London Paralympic Games are looking set to be the greatest in the history of the movement but it was a very different story at the first Paralympic Games in Rome in 1960, as Britain's first-ever gold medal winner Margaret Maughan told Peter White in "No Triumph, No Tragedy". In the pursuit of Paralympic gold, some athletes with spinal injuries have resorted to using an illegal technique called “boosting” during which they cause themselves pain, creating an adrenalin rush to enhance performance. BBC World Service looked at this secretive issue in "Inside the Paralympics". Sprinter and long jumper Stefanie Reid justifies switching her allegiance from Canada to Great Britain. Sainsbury Chief Executive Justin King explains why the Paralympics are big business for sponsors. Finally BBC Wales looks at the career of the legendary athlete John Harris who competed in five Paralympic Games and won a gold medal for discus in 1984.
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The Paralympians touch down...and the secrets of the running blades.
Over 2,000 athletes landed in the UK this week for the Paralympic Games including the Canadian wheelchair rugby player David Willsie and New Zealand sailor Jan Apel. In BBC Radio 1's "Against All Odds", Vernon Kay charts the journeys of soldiers injured in Afghanistan and Iraq who are now going for Gold at the Paralympics, including Sam Bowen who had difficulties coping with post-traumatic stress and Major Martin Colclough who coaches ex-Forces Paralympians. BBC World Service "Inside the Paralympics" investigates the science behind carbon fibre running blades made famous by Oscar Pistorius. As a record number of Welsh athletes get ready to compete at the Games, BBC Wales speaks to table tennis players Sara Head and Rob Davis. Wheelchair tennis player Lucy Shuker looks forward to the Paralympics. Finally this week, as the flames of the Paralympic torch were lit on top of the UK's four highest mountains, BBC Ulster's Mark Simpson tries to justify his role in the base camp making tea!
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The Father of the Paralympics, Greg Rutherford and Usain Bolt jealousy.
A week before the biggest Paralympic Games ever, Eva Loeffler speaks to Radio 4 about her father Dr Ludwig Guttmann, a German Jewish refugee who started the Paralympic movement. Sprinter Libby Clegg on performing in front of a home crowd and running with a guide during the Games. Are the complex classification categories for disabilities holding the Paralympics back? Para-dressage rider Nicola Naylor and Baroness Tanni Gray-Thompson discuss their frustrations, and the use of blindfolds during competitions. BBC World Service’s “Inside the Paralympics” investigates the inclusion of athletes with intellectual disabilities for the first time since a Spanish team cheated at the Sydney Games. As we gear up for the Paralympics, what’s next for the Olympians? Long jump gold medallist Greg Rutherford reveals how he is dealing with his new hectic life and his plans for Rio 2016. Comedian Rhod Gilbert takes exception to Usain Bolt’s declaration that he is “a living legend".
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Olympic Homecomings, Gemma Gibbons, and David Roberts
Judo Olympians, silver medallist Gemma Gibbons and her partner Euan Burton, tell Victoria Derbyshire about the public reaction to their victory and losses at the Games. As part of the BBC Scotland series “The Paralympians”, judoka Samuel Ingram speaks about taking bronze in Beijing and competing with his brother at the London Games. Swimmer David Roberts holds 11 Paralympic gold medals, just one less than Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson but he is unlikely to break that record after failing to qualify for the Paralympics. He reveals his disappointment and his thoughts on swimming for Sweden instead. Richard Dobell’s extensive volleyball career eventually took its toll, he speaks about switching to Sitting Volleyball after damaging his knee. As crowds in Northern Ireland turned out to welcome home Team GB rowers and brothers - Richard and Peter Chambers, and Alan Campbell, BBC Ulster caught up with three medallists and their proud supporters.
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The Olympic Aftermath : Katherine Grainger, Oscar Pistorius and Lee Pearson
As London 2012 draws to a close, has the Olympic experience changed the United Kingdom? Kaiser Chiefs’ Ricky Wilson tells Richard Bacon about the last minute preparations for the Closing Ceremony. Olympians Katherine Grainger, Kat Copeland and Kate Walsh relive their first 24 hours after the Games. South African Oscar Pistorius may have broken new ground just by competing in the Olympics Games but he returns to defend his 100m, 200m and 400m titles at the Paralympic Games. He reveals what it is like to be the face of the Paralympic movement. Can Lee Pearson break Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson record of 11 gold medals when he rides for the British Para-Dressage team? Irish boxer Katie Taylor on the historic nature of these Games for female athletes and has this been the Women’s Games? Gold medallist Anna Watkins joins Woman’s Hour to discuss. Finally, if you are struggling post-Olympics, Radio 4’s The Now Show is on hand to help the nation come to terms with its grief.
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Nicola Adams, the Brownlee brothers and making sense of the medal table.
Nicola Adams describes the sacrifices she made to make history and win the first Olympic gold medal in women’s boxing. Alistair and Jonny Brownlee talk about their gruelling training schedule and the trials of living together. Colin Paterson from Radio 5 Live visits the Bingley Harriers triathlon club, where the Brownlee brothers have been training, to meet some of their biggest fans. Radio 4’s More or Less team examine the hidden statistics in the medal table. Shanaze Reade talks about her hopes for a BMX gold in London and importance of the home advantage. And Kirsty Lang asks Mike Kelt, CEO of special effects company Artem, what is in store for the closing ceremony.
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Mo Farah, Andy Murray and Jessica Ennis
Team GB’s Mo Farah, gold medallist in the 10,000m, receives a surprise phone call from his school PE teacher on Victoria Derbyshire’s 5 Live show and we hear from Andy Murray prior to the Olympics, who told a live audience how he was hoping to put his poor performance in Beijing behind him. Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis take an alternative look at women’s boxing on Radio 4’s The Now Show and 100m champion Usain Bolt’s fellow Jamaican and on the track rival Yohan Blake gives an insight into the dynamics between the two men off the track. Jennie Price, Chief Executive of Sport England discusses Olympic morals with Melanie Phillips and Michael Buerk for BBC Radio 4’s Moral Maze and BBC Ulster’s Stephen Nolan reflects on a triumphant weekend for Team GB with Kriss Akabusi, Joel Taggart and Stephen Martin. Finally, Golden girl Jessica Ennis who claimed gold in the Olympic heptathlon catches up with Chris Moyles and Comedy Dave on the Radio One Breakfast Show.
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