Letter from America: the Clinton Years (1993-1996)

Bill Clinton’s first term encompassed controversies from the Israeli-Palestinian Oslo accords and gays in the military to the North American Free Trade Agreement and an attempt at healthcare reform. A fascinating social, cultural and political history o

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LFA: A history of Father Christmas
Santa Claus or Father Christmas? The origin of the Patron saint of Christmas is explored. Plus, the surprising popularity of a Tickle Me Elmo toy has caused prices to skyrocket.
Dátum: 1996-12-27 Idő: 21:00:00
LFA: UN Leader Mr Boutros Boutros-Ghali
A tribute to Mr Boutros Boutros-Ghali, former leader of the UN General Assembly, whose peacekeeping skills were put to the test during the Rwandan Genocide.
Dátum: 1996-12-20 Idő: 21:00:00
LFA: Gulf War Syndrome
Madeleine Albright becomes the first Secretary of State in America, and investigations reveal a possible chemical cause of Gulf War Syndrome.
Dátum: 1996-12-13 Idő: 21:00:00
LFA: Permissive California
Cults of California, tolerance in San Francisco, and the permissive parenting backlash are discussed by Alistair Cooke in this week's Letter From America.
Dátum: 1996-12-06 Idő: 21:00:00
LFA: Thanksgiving in California
From California, Alistair Cooke examines the un-politicised institution of Thanksgiving and the changing face of US politics.
Dátum: 1996-11-29 Idő: 21:00:00
LFA: Sexual harassment in the armed forces
After public revelations of cases of sexual violence in the US Army and Navy Alistair Cooke examines the scandal of the sexual harassment of women in America's armed forces.
Dátum: 1996-11-22 Idő: 21:00:00
LFA: US intervention in Rwanda
US intervention in the Rwandan refugee crisis and the history of President Clinton's press conferences.
Dátum: 1996-11-15 Idő: 21:00:00
LFA: The 1996 presidential election
The results of the presidential elections and how technology is turning busy television studios into silent cathedrals, as discussed by Alistair Cooke.
Dátum: 1996-11-08 Idő: 21:00:00
LFA: Halloween, 1996
The history Halloween, the origin of the vampire myth and the roaring business performed by pumpkin farmers during the month of October.
Dátum: 1996-11-01 Idő: 21:00:00
LFA: Forest fires, tornadoes and earthquakes
A season of disaster, forest fires, tornadoes, earthquakes and leads to a recollection of a vast storm in 1938 which descended on the Northern Atlantic coast.
Dátum: 1996-10-25 Idő: 21:00:00