Letter from America: the Bush Sr Years (1989-1992)

George Bush’s presidency, from the Panama invasion to the collapse of the Soviet bloc and the first US war against Iraq following its invasion of Kuwait. A fascinating social, cultural and political history of American life, through the words of British

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LFA: An economic summit
President-Elect Bill Clinton, calls for a gathering of experts to help guide his economic policy, and what he may do to reduce the national deficit.
Dátum: 1992-12-24 Idő: 21:00:00
LFA: The English language and immigration
The realities of unlimited immigration, andthe movement that proposes to make English the official language of the United States.
Dátum: 1992-12-18 Idő: 21:00:00
LFA: Casablanca
Casablanca's impact and the effect the film had on cinema audiences of 1942 are remembered by Alistair Cooke on its 50th anniversary.
Dátum: 1992-12-11 Idő: 21:00:00
LFA: Clinton's economy
A month on from the presidential election, Alistair Cooke anticipates the effect that a new president, and a boost in public confidence, will have on the economy.
Dátum: 1992-12-04 Idő: 21:00:00
LFA: Millicent Fenwick
Following the death of Millicent Fenwick in September, Alistair Cooke profiles the late Congresswoman and details the female additions to the Senate in 1992.
Dátum: 1992-11-27 Idő: 21:00:00
LFA: The executive branch
Why a change of president does not necessarily mean a shift in power, and why it takes so long to move in, and out, of the White House.
Dátum: 1992-11-20 Idő: 21:00:00
LFA: Predicting elections
Complex methods for predicting presidential election results, and the effect Ross Perot had on the outcome, are discussed by Alistair Cooke.
Dátum: 1992-11-13 Idő: 21:00:00
LFA: Bill Clinton's clothes
The tendency of journalists flock to Washington to hear the result of an election and the rejection of the blue blazer for jeans by President-elect, Bill Clinton.
Dátum: 1992-11-06 Idő: 21:00:00
LFA: Election predictions and certainties
The 1992 Presidential election, the dangers of predicting the outcome of the vote and a look to history for examples of election certainty.
Dátum: 1992-10-30 Idő: 21:00:00
LFA: The business of sport
The business of sport, and an embarrassing incident involving the Canadian flag are discussed by Alistair Cooke.
Dátum: 1992-10-23 Idő: 21:00:00