Letter from America: from Nixon to Carter (1969-1980)

From America’s great hope after Nixon’s election victory, to disillusionment after Watergate through to President Carter’s election. A fascinating social, cultural and political history of American life, through the words of British-American journa

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LFA: Chrysler financial crisis deepens
Auto workers call on Reagan's help as jobs are threatened by Chrysler cash crisis.
Dátum: 1980-12-26 Idő: 17:32:00
LFA: Haig joins Cabinet
Nixon's top aide is offered senior post - but the hearings on his fitness to serve could be damaging. The sound quality on this recording is variable/poor.
Dátum: 1980-12-19 Idő: 13:43:00
LFA: John Lennon’s assassination
The shooting of John Lennon on the 8th December 1980 sparks a debate over the need for national gun control law in America.
Dátum: 1980-12-12 Idő: 21:00:00
LFA: The waiting game
Hostages and the growing Polish crisis will prove to be among Reagan's first presidential headaches.
Dátum: 1980-12-05 Idő: 13:37:00
LFA: Reagan's charm offensive
President-elect Reagan wins over Washington with his charm offensive. The sound quality on this recording is variable/poor.
Dátum: 1980-11-28 Idő: 17:27:00
LFA: Reagan's political honeymoon
President-elect Reagan turns his honeymoon period into a Washington courtship ritual.
Dátum: 1980-11-21 Idő: 17:16:00
LFA: Why the pollsters got it wrong
Humiliation for pollsters who made completely wrong call on the presidential election.
Dátum: 1980-11-14 Idő: 17:14:00
LFA: Ronald Reagan’s victory, 1980
As Ronald Reagan wins the 1980 US presidential election, Alistair Cooke reflects on the causes of Jimmy Carter's downfall.
Dátum: 1980-11-07 Idő: 21:00:00
LFA: The World Series gets the vote
The World Series gets the popular vote while the presidential candidates get mean with each other.
Dátum: 1980-10-17 Idő: 17:07:00
LFA: The book-selling business
How the book-selling business creates a bestseller from a book which isn't selling.
Dátum: 1980-10-10 Idő: 16:58:00