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Adrian Goldberg presents an entertaining mix of dirt-digging, debunking, and intriguing interviews revealing unreported issues. Investigative news report from Adrian Goldberg’s BBC Radio 5 live programme, broadcast Sundays at 11am.

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5LI: Retail Fraud & Football Academies 28 Apr 13
Changes to England’s Football youth academies could affect lower league clubs. Could an attempt to improve the England team mean lower league clubs lose out financially? Plus as fraud costs the UK economy £73 billion a year, small businesses complain that police are failing to investigate the crime.
Dátum: 2013-04-28 Idő: 13:00:00
5LI: Doctors Conduct & Letting Agents 14 Apr 13
Some hospital trusts are failing to share information which could identify doctors who make repeated mistakes - sometimes with disastrous results.
Dátum: 2013-04-14 Idő: 13:00:00
5LI: Deprivation of Liberty Orders 7 Apr 13
Why are vulnerable people with dementia or brain injuries having their freedoms restricted, sometimes against their will. And the training companies which promise jobseekers help with employment, provided they pay an upfront fee.
Dátum: 2013-04-07 Idő: 13:00:00
5LI: 24 Mar 2013
It's been described as the new metal theft... the thieves stealing used cooking oil to make bootleg bio-fuel. One fifth of the all used cooking oil is ending up with criminals.
Dátum: 2013-03-24 Idő: 13:00:00
5LI: Football Racism 17 Mar 2013
A survey of 2,500 football fans suggests that racism still exists in football.
Dátum: 2013-03-17 Idő: 13:00:00
5LI: Variable Speed Limits 10 Mar 13
Lawyers are questioning the legality of thousands of penalties issued to motorists caught breaking motorway speed limits. It's emerged that warning signs on nine variable speed zones did not have official approval – and should not have been used to enforce the speed limit.
Dátum: 2013-03-10 Idő: 13:00:00
5LI: Catalogue cheque scam
The catalogue cheque scam that's eating away the savings - and more - of thousands each week.
Dátum: 2013-03-03 Idő: 11:58:00
5LI: Disappearing online daters 24 Feb 13
Customers of online dating sites owned by Cupid plc voice their suspicions about the flirty daters who mysteriously disappeared once they paid their subscriptions. Presenter Adrian Goldberg talks to men who received flirty messages from attractive daters claiming to live near them after signing up for free membership of online dating sites owned by Cupid plc. But when the men took out subscriptions in order to reply to the messages, the women, who once appeared so keen to meet, mysteriously lost interest. Some customers suspect that the website itself was behind the messages. Cupid plc owns over 30 different dating websites including cupid.com, benaughty.com, flirt.com, cheekylovers.com and maturedatinguk. It recently bought Uniform Dating and the right to operate Friends Reunited Dating.
Dátum: 2013-02-24 Idő: 12:18:00
5Li: UKBA visa appointments 'sold for cash' 17 Feb 13
Foreign nationals are making a full-time living by illegitimately selling same-day visa appointments because of long-standing problems with the UK Border Agency's online booking system. People wanting to take advantage of the premium same-day service to extend or renew their existing visas are resorting to buying appointments from unofficial agents operating from abroad. The costs can escalate to four times the price of an original appointment when individuals book through a Uk-based immigration specialist.
Dátum: 2013-02-17 Idő: 12:02:00
5LI: Metal Investment Scam 10 Feb 13
The metal investment scam that's costing savers the earth, and the GP surgeries forcing patients to pay premium rate phone lines.
Dátum: 2013-02-10 Idő: 12:00:00