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Adrian Goldberg presents an entertaining mix of dirt-digging, debunking, and intriguing interviews revealing unreported issues. Investigative news report from Adrian Goldberg’s BBC Radio 5 live programme, broadcast Sundays at 11am.

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5LI: Fake Self-Employment in the Work Programme
Long-term unemployed on the Work Programme are being steered away from jobs, and instead told they can claim more in benefits by registering as self-employed than they could on the dole. Clients are sometimes told it doesn't matter if they don't have a viable business idea because they can simply claim working tax credits instead of unemployment benefits. What's more the private firms which deliver the scheme are getting taxpayer funded bonuses in the process.
Dátum: 2013-02-03 Idő: 12:13:00
5LI: False Accusations 20 Jan 2013
In the wake of the Jimmy Savile inquiry, the police are dealing with hundreds of accusations against celebrities of sexual abuse. Many date from an era when victims were wrongly ignored for fear they wouldn't be believed. But there have also been cases where people made up allegations. Just why would anyone fabricate evidence that could lead to an innocent person being jailed? And does the prospect of compensation risk contaminating evidence?
Dátum: 2013-01-20 Idő: 12:05:00
5LI: Perils of Weight Loss Surgery 13 Jan 13
Leading surgeons are warning that going abroad, or private, for weight loss surgery carries big risks that few know about. Operations frequently require aftercare, something often missing from private packages, and it's the NHS which picks up the pieces when it all goes wrong.
Dátum: 2013-01-13 Idő: 12:30:00
5LI: Illicit Alcohol, Heart Pumps & Goats for Christmas
HMRC estimates it's losing as much as £1.2billion because duty is not being paid on alcohol being sold in the UK. Adrian speaks to a leading surgeon who says approximately 5,000 people have died in the UK because the health service hasn't extended the use of cardiac assist pumps. And goats for Christmas, are your charity donations going where you think? 5 live Investigates.
Dátum: 2012-12-23 Idő: 22:27:00
5LI: Football Banning Orders & Disabled Parking Charges 09 Dec 2012
More than 400 football supporters across England and Wales are currently subject to banning orders without being found guilty of a criminal offence. Adrian also investigates NHS Trusts that charge disabled motorists for parking, which may be in breach of equality laws.
Dátum: 2012-12-09 Idő: 21:00:00
5LI: Re-selling Football Tickets & Dog Smuggling 02 Dec 2012
Adrian investigates claims that some of England's top football clubs are involved in legalised touting. 5 Live Investigates has also discovered that up to 1,000 dogs are being trafficked into Britain each week from unregulated puppy farms in Ireland.
Dátum: 2012-12-02 Idő: 22:45:00
5LI: Teachers on Social Media & Sport Supplements 25 Nov 2012
We've discovered that most cases looked at by the teachers' watchdog this year of inappropriate contact with pupils have involved the use of social networking sites or mobile phones. Adrian also looks at the sporting supplements which are supposed to help you achieve a perfect body but can end up killing you instead.
Dátum: 2012-11-25 Idő: 22:22:00
5LI: Obesity Fire Rescue Costs 11 Nov 2012
Fire and Rescue services in the UK are called out to assist severely obese people more than ten times a week. Each incident can cost up to several thousand pounds. Adrian Goldberg hears the stories behind the rescues and the calls by fire officers for special training and equipment to deal with the problem.
Dátum: 2012-11-11 Idő: 23:00:00
5LI: Supply Teachers Paid Offshore 04 Nov 12
Thousands of public sector agency workers have been part of a massive tax avoidance scheme that has saved their employer millions of pounds – but has left the taxpayer out of pocket. Adrian Goldberg investigates the company behind the scheme and how warnings to the Government about it have been ignored.
Dátum: 2012-11-04 Idő: 22:10:00
5LI: Failing 5 Star Care Homes 28 Oct 2012
Care homes awarded a 5 star rating are failing to meet the minimum standards of the national regulator. Adrian Goldberg investigates the private companies awarding the ratings and questions why some local authorities are paying premiums to care homes when they are failing to meet regulatory standards.
Dátum: 2012-10-28 Idő: 23:00:00