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5LI: Agency Workers Out of Pocket 21 Oct 2012
Take a look at your pay slip. If you work for a temp agency, beware of the tax deal hitting low-paid workers and the taxman. Recruitment agencies employing minimum wage workers are paying large sums of their wages in tax-free expenses and pocketing the lion's share of the savings. But experts tell Adrian Goldberg it's the workers who could risk being chased by the HMRC for unpaid tax.
Dátum: 2012-10-21 Idő: 22:09:00
5LI: Get Rich Quick Schemes 14 Oct 2012
Anyone can make a fortune from foreign exchange trading according to Knowledge to Action, a company selling dreams of riches. We hear from hopefuls who have given them thousands of pounds for training but made nothing. Their complaints are put to company founder Greg Secker.
Dátum: 2012-10-14 Idő: 22:16:00
5LI: Surprise Repair Bills for Motorists 07 Oct 2012
Drivers are being hit with expensive bills from Highways Agency contractors for emergency repairs to motorways after they have been involved in an accident. Motorists claim the prices are over-inflated and in some cases they question whether the repairs were carried out.
Dátum: 2012-10-08 Idő: 17:37:00
5LI: Commercial Energy 22 Apr 12
An investigation into mis-selling at Commercial Energy - a firm of brokers arranging gas and electricity contracts for small businesses. We also explore the mystery around who's in control of the company.
Dátum: 2012-04-22 Idő: 22:45:00
5LI: Stop Delaying Justice 15 Apr 12
Defence lawyers say an initiative to reduce delays in the Magistrates Court system is leading to miscarriages of justice.
Dátum: 2012-04-15 Idő: 22:45:00
5LI: Football Fan Surveillance 01 Apr 12
Why are supporters - especially those who travel to away games - being routinely treated as potential criminals by the police? One group of visiting fans tells Adrian Goldberg who they were banned from a pre-match get together at a church. Plus, on drugs and on the road, a lorry driver says colleagues at one international firm are taking illegal substances.
Dátum: 2012-04-01 Idő: 22:30:00
5LI: Olympic Brand Police: 25 Mar 12
The 'draconian'rules controlling use of Olympic brand and date 2012:banned sausages in shape of Olympic rings, and exhibition celebrating best of British which had to fight off 7 lawyers. Also, how heart attack care has improved but heart failure care hasn't. And the bailiff company being investigated by trading standards for unjustified payments.
Dátum: 2012-03-25 Idő: 22:30:00
5LI: Drivers Dodging Penalty Points 18 Mar 12
The pounds for points scam that allows dangerous drivers to stay behind the wheel by getting someone else to take the rap for their speeding offences. The teachers suspended over school equipment leasing scam first reported on by Investigates earlier this year. And the water companies failing to meet their leakage targets.
Dátum: 2012-03-19 Idő: 11:30:00
5LI: GPs Refuse to Visit Care Homes 11 Mar 12
Some care homes are being denied basic level of NHS care and GPs are refusing to visits. Homes complain that even when a retainer is paid doctors are reluctant to attend. Also, the industrial scale perjury by expert witnesses who lied in court about car hire charges in insurance disputes.
Dátum: 2012-03-11 Idő: 22:22:00
5LI: Car Credit Hire Fraud
Fraudsters are costing the motor insurance industry £60 million a year by exploiting the system that gives drivers a replacement hire car if theyre involved in a road smash.
Dátum: 2012-03-04 Idő: 22:25:00