6 Minute English

Learn and practise useful English language for everyday situations with the BBC. Your weekly instruction manual for saying or doing something in English is published every Friday. Each programme is six minutes long and contains examples and explanations t

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The death of the landline: 21 June 13
Do you use a phone fixed to a landline or just a mobile phone? We discuss how the technology has moved on.
Dátum: 2013-06-21 Idő: 13:00:00
Crying men: 14 June 13
David Beckham did it recently and so did the British finance minister. What is it that the media still seems to be surprised about?
Dátum: 2013-06-14 Idő: 13:00:00
Learning in the womb: 7 June 13
How old were you when you started learning English? New research has found babies start learning language in the womb.
Dátum: 2013-06-07 Idő: 13:00:00
Feeling good about your country: 31 May 13
What makes you feel good about your country? We discuss the people and things that give us national pride.
Dátum: 2013-05-31 Idő: 13:00:00
Annoying office habits: 24 May 13
What things irritate workers about each other in the office? Listen to this week's 6 Minute English.
Dátum: 2013-05-24 Idő: 13:00:00
Sleeping for learning: 17 May 13
How much can you learn when you're tired? Can lack of sleep have a negative effect on students' performance?
Dátum: 2013-05-17 Idő: 13:00:00
How noisy is 'too noisy'?: 10 May 13
The Queen loses her temper: why noisy drummers angered Dame Helen Mirren.
Dátum: 2013-05-10 Idő: 13:00:00
Cleaning up space: 3 May 13
Millions of pieces of junk are floating about in space. Rob and Jen talk about ideas to clean it up.
Dátum: 2013-05-03 Idő: 13:00:00
Living in a tiny space: 26 Apr 13
Could you live in a flat that was just 30 metres square? Jen and Neil discuss ways to cope with life in a tiny home.
Dátum: 2013-04-26 Idő: 13:00:00
Rise of streaming: 19 Apr 13
Music streaming on the internet: why you never need to buy a CD again. Join Finn and Rob to find out more.
Dátum: 2013-04-19 Idő: 13:00:00