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Learn and practise useful English language for everyday situations with the BBC. Your weekly instruction manual for saying or doing something in English is published every Friday. Each programme is six minutes long and contains examples and explanations t

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Dress code debate: 29 JUN 12
Jen and Rob discuss a blog which has sparked a debate about what women should be allowed to wear in public.
Dátum: 2012-06-29 Idő: 13:00:00
Croatia's threatened floodplains: 22 JUN 12
Chris and Rosie talk about a group of environmentalists in Croatia who are concerned about the future of one of the country's major rivers, the Danube.
Dátum: 2012-06-22 Idő: 13:00:00
Dingo baby death: 15 JUN 12
Neil and Rosie talk about an Australian mother who was wrongly accused of murdering her daughter. A coroner has now ruled that her baby girl who disappeared 32 years ago, was taken by a dingo or wild dog.
Dátum: 2012-06-15 Idő: 13:00:00
Disabled doll: 08 JUN 12
Sean and Rosie talk about a toy that's been causing controversy in Sweden.
Dátum: 2012-06-08 Idő: 13:57:00
Africa's economic progress: 01 JUN 12
Neil and Jen talk about the importance of Africa's young population on its economic future.
Dátum: 2012-06-01 Idő: 13:00:00
Youth unemployment crisis: 25 MAY 12
Rob and Natalie discuss an International Labour Organisation report about the lack of jobs for young people.
Dátum: 2012-05-25 Idő: 13:00:00
Texting and walking made illegal: 17 MAY 12
Today's programme is a dicussion about a new law in a town in the Inited States which has made texting and walking at the same time illegal.
Dátum: 2012-05-17 Idő: 13:00:00
The worst place to be a mother: 11 MAY 12
Today's programme is a dicussion of a news report about research by the charity Save the Children that looks at conditions for mothers in different countries. Listen to the story to learn where the best and worst place to be a mother are.
Dátum: 2012-05-11 Idő: 13:00:00
A Peruvian 'hero': 04 MAY 12
Today's topic is a news story that has a gripping plot and an action hero, rather like a Hollywood film. Listen to the story to learn about one policeman's incredible tale of survival in the jungles of Peru. Find out more in 6 minute English.
Dátum: 2012-05-04 Idő: 13:00:00
Pulitzer prize losers: 27 Apr 12
Today's topic is all about books, and in particular, one of the world's most prestigious literature and arts awards, the Pulitzer prizes. Find out more in 6 minute English.
Dátum: 2012-04-27 Idő: 13:00:00