Moral Maze

Combative, provocative and engaging live debate examining the moral issues behind one of the week's news stories.

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Pornography 19 June 13
Pornography and the Internet
Dátum: 2013-06-20 Idő: 10:50:00
History 27 Mar 13
Education Secretary Michael Gove's history syllabus is the story of Britain in sequence. Is this overdue rigour, or nationalistic rote-learning at the expense of analysis?
Dátum: 2013-03-28 Idő: 10:50:00
Business and Displeasure 20 Mar 13
When Prince Charles visited Saudi Arabia this week, human rights were not on the agenda. How squeamish should we be about dealing with repressive regimes?
Dátum: 2013-03-21 Idő: 10:50:00
Poverty 13 Mar 13
The Archbishop of Canterbury has criticised the Government's welfare plans. He says we have a duty to support the vulnerable. If we do, what does that imply?
Dátum: 2013-03-14 Idő: 11:00:00
The Ring of Gyges 06 Mar 13
Are humans naturally good or would we all do wrong if we could get away with it? The answer dictates how we should run the NHS, the banks - and indeed our whole society.
Dátum: 2013-03-07 Idő: 12:00:00
27 Feb 13: Morality of Gambling
Should gambling advertising on television be banned? Is gambling a morally neutral form of entertainment or does it corrupt the winners, the losers and society as a whole?
Dátum: 2013-02-27 Idő: 20:00:00
20 Feb 13
Are we as a nation becoming increasingly hostile towards private education?
Dátum: 2013-02-21 Idő: 11:35:00
13 Feb 13
After the death of Frances Andrade, who killed herself days after testifying against her abuser, how do we balance the interests of the victim and defendant in the justice system?
Dátum: 2013-02-14 Idő: 10:50:00
6 Feb 13
The moral virtue of marriage.
Dátum: 2013-02-07 Idő: 10:50:00
30 Jan 13
How should we make a moral calculation between the needs of the majority and the suffering and losses of the minority?
Dátum: 2013-01-31 Idő: 11:10:00