Graham Mack Breakfast Show

The best bits of the Graham Mack Breakfast Show on Swindon’s BBC Wiltshire from the last few days.

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The Graham Mack Breakfast : 16/02/2012
Abstinence and maths; Sexist weather; The Beach Blokes; Swindons unemployment black spot; Kevin McClouds Grand Designs on Swindon. Why 12 thousand people a day will be visiting Swindon in 3 years time.
Dátum: 2012-02-16 Idő: 21:41:00
The Graham Mack Breakfast Show : 14/12/2012
The shark that attacked the weather man; Blood donors who do it doggy style; The movie of the year; Britains biggest meteorite.
Dátum: 2012-02-16 Idő: 21:11:00
The Graham Mack Breakfast Show : 10/02/2012
People in authority dont believe me; Why the new England manager will have the easiest job in football; Are village halls being ripped-off by the music industry? A solo performance from Sheila Harrod from the Kentwood Choir; Classic School of the week; Why are Swindon Council back-peddling over the street lights? Paolo di Canio does an impression of Harry Redknapp.
Dátum: 2012-02-12 Idő: 12:49:00