Documentaries 2009

Throughout the week BBC World Service offers a wide range of documentaries and other factual programmes. This podcast offers you the chance to access landmark series from our archive.

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DocArchive: Farm Swap - part two
In the final part of this series, Mike Gallagher meets a British farmer working vast landholdings in Hungary and Serbia. Does going global in agriculture really offer a better future?
Dátum: 2009-06-24 Idő: 07:06:00
DocArchive: Mubarak's Egypt - part one
After 28 years in power, Mubarak's promise of leading Egypt into stable democracy has dissipated. Magdi Abdelhadi reports.
Dátum: 2009-06-22 Idő: 10:16:00
DocArchive: Dear Birth Mother
Listen to the story of Suzanne, a single woman in her forties who opted for a trans-racial adoption and became the mother of an African-American baby.
Dátum: 2009-06-18 Idő: 15:08:00
DocArchive: Assignment - America's Somali Bantu
Hundreds of thousands of people have fled from Somalia since civil war broke out there in the early 1990s. Many of them go to refugee camps in Kenya, others to Tanzania - and many have spent more than 15 years living in those camps. But one group has been more fortunate than others - the Somali Bantu, whose ancestors were taken to Somalia as slaves from southern Africa in the 19th Century. In 2001 the Somali Bantu were recognised as an especially vulnerable group by the United States and two years later 12,000 of them were airlifted out of the camps and flown to new, permanent homes in the United States. In this week's Assignment Tim Mansel visits one group of them in the western city of Boise in Idaho.
Dátum: 2009-06-18 Idő: 09:06:00
DocArchive: Farm Swap - part one
In this series, Mike Gallagher meets two farmers working outside their own countries. In programme one, a young Ecuadorian visits Hawaii. What farming techniques can he take back to Ecuador?
Dátum: 2009-06-17 Idő: 11:11:00
DocArchive: Diabetes: The Silent Killer
Justin Webb goes beyond his role as a journalist to explore the issue from the perspective of a parent who is desperate to know what the future holds for his child.
Dátum: 2009-06-12 Idő: 15:40:00
DocArchive: My world: Thailand's Dr Death
The final programme in the My World series explores the story of Pornthip Rojanasunan, Thailand’s leading forensic scientist who has turned a straightforward autopsy into a battleground for the truth.
Dátum: 2009-06-12 Idő: 11:42:00
DocArchive: The Cricket Revolution - part two
In this series, David Goldblatt charts the rise of Twenty20 cricket. In the final programme he asks, can the Twenty20 revolution help to make cricket become a truly global game?
Dátum: 2009-06-10 Idő: 10:35:00
DocArchive: My World: Kades
A poetic story of survival set against the soundscape of the Mathare slums in Kenya. Meet Kades, a teenage poet who has escaped poverty.
Dátum: 2009-06-08 Idő: 14:21:00
The Economy on the Edge
Martin Wolf, of the Financial Times, predicted that the global downturn would be much worse than anyone had reason to believe.
Dátum: 2009-06-08 Idő: 10:04:00