Documentaries 2009

Throughout the week BBC World Service offers a wide range of documentaries and other factual programmes. This podcast offers you the chance to access landmark series from our archive.

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DocArchive: Anatomy of a Hijack
Since the beginning of last year, pirates have succeeded in seizing more than 70 ships off the coast of Somalia. Hundreds of crew members have been held to ransom, and millions of dollars have been paid to the pirates to secure their release. For Assignment Rob Walker has gained exclusive access to the people involved in one of those hijacks – the captain, the ship owner and the mysterious middleman – the pirates negotiator.
Dátum: 2009-06-04 Idő: 10:40:00
DocArchive: The Cricket Revolution - part one
David Goldblatt charts the recent arrival and rise on the sporting scene of Twenty20 cricket. David meets those who run the game, former and current players, and seasoned commentators. Has Twenty20 changed cricket for ever?
Dátum: 2009-06-03 Idő: 07:06:00
Anatomy of a Car Crash
Tracing the profound physical and emotional toll on all those involved in the wake of a single collision on a road.
Dátum: 2009-05-29 Idő: 16:10:00
DocArchive: My world: A different kind of stroke
Every year, 15 million people will suffer from a stroke, five million of them will die and a further five million will be left permanently disabled. This documentary tells the story of Dr Jill Bolte Taylor, a brain scientist who suffered a massive stroke 13 years ago. Knowing how the brain operates, she was able to observe and understand the deterioration that followed.
Dátum: 2009-05-28 Idő: 09:51:00
The Lost Voices of Tiananmen Square - part two
James Miles, the BBCs China correspondent in 1989, was an eye-witness to the events leading up to the Tiananmen Square protests.
Dátum: 2009-05-26 Idő: 15:09:00
DocArchive: Lincoln and the World
Abraham Lincolns legacy and political influence is more powerful today than it ever was. Allan Little looks at how movements and leaders from very different political perspectives have looked up to Lincoln.
Dátum: 2009-05-25 Idő: 07:06:00
DocArchive: My world: The homecoming
Follow the story of Gemma Tracee Apiku, a former refugee who spent her teenage years in the camps of Sudan, as she returns to Africa to become a relief worker herself.
Dátum: 2009-05-22 Idő: 09:06:00
DocArchive: Assignment - The Bad Samaritan
Until the end of last year Bernard Madoff was a highly respected financial guru and long time advisor to Americas rich and famous. Then on Thursday the twelfth December 2008 he was exposed as a major crook. His Ponzi scheme is probably the largest ever pyramid fraud in US history. Amongst his victims there were not only individuals and banks but also charities. For Assignment, James Coomarasamy looks at the damage he has done to two charities in particular - The JEHT Foundation and the Picower Foundation.
Dátum: 2009-05-21 Idő: 08:06:00
DocArchive: The Lost Voices of Tiananmen Square - part one
James Miles, the BBCs China correspondent in 1989, was an eye-witness to the events leading up to the Tiananmen Square protests.
Dátum: 2009-05-19 Idő: 11:51:00
DocArchive: Freedom from Slavery in Mauritania
Mauritania is a country with a tradition of slavery, but in August 2007 owning slaves became a criminal act. David Gutnick visits Mauritania and finds out how entrenched the master/slave relationship still is.
Dátum: 2009-05-18 Idő: 07:08:00