Documentaries 2009

Throughout the week BBC World Service offers a wide range of documentaries and other factual programmes. This podcast offers you the chance to access landmark series from our archive.

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The Crash: The Age of Risk
The second of this three-part series that examines the boom before the bust of 2008 looks at how our attitudes to risk and debt changed with disastrous consequences.
Dátum: 2009-09-28 Idő: 15:30:00
DocArchive: Building out of the Recession - part two
Can we build our way out of the recession? The Empire State Building was started just weeks after the Wall Street Crash, giving Americans hope in times of depression. Jonathan Glancey, architecture correspondent for the Guardian newspaper in London, looks at the economic and social policies of the 1930s and the parallels we can find today.
Dátum: 2009-09-25 Idő: 09:05:00
DocArchive: Desperate Dreams - part one
Two years ago, Jenny Cuffe followed the journeys of migrants trying to leave Africa and find a better life in Europe. Innocent Akibor left Nigeria to get to Spain. As exploitation greets him at almost every step of his journey, listen to find out if he made his dream come true.
Dátum: 2009-09-22 Idő: 16:15:00
The Crash: The bank that busted the world
What were the key moments that led to financial meltdown, and what happened in the aftermath? The first of a three-part series that looks closely at the turbulent events in the autumn of 2008.
Dátum: 2009-09-21 Idő: 16:45:00
DocArchive: Assignment - Dog Fighting in Chicago
If my dog is tough then Im tough. Killer dogs give teenagers status in Chicago. For Assignment, Nina Robinson, goes right to the heart of the cruel sport of dog fighting that is attracting so many young people in the run down areas of Chicagos south side.
Dátum: 2009-09-17 Idő: 17:00:00
DocArchive: Building Out of the Recession
Just weeks after the Wall Street Crash in 1929, work began on the Empire State Building. The Guardians architecture correspondent Jonathan Glancey assesses the economics of building out of a recession.
Dátum: 2009-09-17 Idő: 16:17:00
DocArchive: Dreams from my mother
President Barack Obama has famously written of the influence exerted on him by his father in his memoir Dreams of My Father, but what of his mother, Ann Dunham? Listen to Judith Kampfner as she unveils more about this unconventional and idealistic woman.
Dátum: 2009-09-15 Idő: 16:17:00
DocArchive: Benjamin Jealous - the future of the NAACP
enjamin Jealous is the leader of Americas oldest and largest black civil rights group. In a USA fronted by Barack Obama, what are the future battlegrounds for African American human rights?
Dátum: 2009-09-14 Idő: 10:05:00
World Stories: Mexico's Missing Island
Bermeja Island is missing. This strategically important island was clearly visible on maps of the Gulf of Mexico until the middle of the 20th century but it's now gone. BBC Mundo's David Cuen goes in search.
Dátum: 2009-09-11 Idő: 10:30:00
Assignment: Mastering Business
What role did the business schools play in last years financial crisis? In this weeks edition of Assignment, Ed Butler investigates whether, as the chair of Harvards MBA programme insists, the schools were guilty only of teaching a deficient assessment of risk in the business world, or whether something more fundamental was at fault. Some inside the system tell Assignment that there had been a growing disconnect between the schools and society, with insufficient attention being paid to the ethics of the business world, and the sole focus of the programmes being on maximising shareholder value and personal enrichment.
Dátum: 2009-09-09 Idő: 23:06:00