Documentaries 2008

Throughout the week BBC World Service offers a wide range of documentaries and other factual programmes. This podcast offers you the chance to access landmark series from our archive.

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Doc: Looted Art: Part II
Charles Wheeler is on the trail of art seized by the Soviets at the end of World War II
Dátum: 2008-01-17 Idő: 15:34:00
Doc: Assignment - On the trail of spammers 17 Jan 2007
Simon Cox tries to track down the criminals who plague us with spam emails offering everything from get rich schemes to products to improve our sex lives.
Dátum: 2008-01-17 Idő: 09:06:00
Doc: A Dollar A Day - Part 2
In this four part series, Mike Wooldridge looks at what its really like to have to live on one dollar a day. The second programme focuses on Peru.
Dátum: 2008-01-15 Idő: 16:49:00
DocArchive: Desperate Dreams Part 1
Every year, thousands of young men and women from sub-Saharan Africa set off across the desert dreaming of a better life in Europe. Part one: George from Cameroon starts his journey.
Dátum: 2008-01-11 Idő: 11:53:00
DocArchive: Friday Documentary - Looted Art: Part One
At the end of World War Two, as Nazi Germany lay in ruins, millions of works of art were secrety shipped back to Russia by the Soviet Army. Charles Wheeler now investigates their fate and the political row that still surrounds them in Looted Art.
Dátum: 2008-01-10 Idő: 14:24:00
DocArchive: Assignment - S Korea computer addiction 10 Jan 2008
Computer gaming has become a national obsession in South Korea but there is a dark side. Gaming, like gambling, can become an addiction that has even led to death. Julian Pettifer reports.
Dátum: 2008-01-10 Idő: 10:53:00
DocArchive: Debt Threat Part 2
The dangers of the present crisis turning into a full scale recession, and at the seemingly desperate attempts of bankers, regulators and politicians to prevent that happening.
Dátum: 2008-01-07 Idő: 11:33:00
DocArchive: Only One Bakira
Bakira Hasecic is unrelenting in her pursuit of the war criminals of the Bosnian war. How does she and the members of the Association of Women Victims of War find the strength to talk about the rapes and other horrors they endured?
Dátum: 2008-01-04 Idő: 09:52:00
DocArchive: Assignment - Taxi to the Dark Side 3 Jan 2008
American film-maker Alex Gibney tells the story of an Afghan taxi driver, tortured to death by American soldiers and military police in Bagram airbase. Were they rogue soldiers, or was the torture authorised at the highest levels of government?
Dátum: 2008-01-03 Idő: 17:29:00
DocArchive: Press For Freedom Part 4
In the final part of the series Roy Greenslade profiles the head of News Corporation Rupert Murdoch.
Dátum: 2008-01-02 Idő: 10:22:00