Documentaries 2008

Throughout the week BBC World Service offers a wide range of documentaries and other factual programmes. This podcast offers you the chance to access landmark series from our archive.

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DocArchive: Failure at the Central Bank
For the last six decades, central bankers have run the international financial system with the aid of a powerful set of economic levers handed to them after the World War 2. Last year, these levers came off in their hands. In this two-part series Robert Peston examines how the former supermen of global financial economy became pathetic weaklings.
Dátum: 2008-05-23 Idő: 17:04:00
DocArchive: Kidnapped: Part One
Presenter Ritula Shah reunites former hostage Norman Kember - kidnapped in Iraq - with the people who were personally involved in negotiations to free him, and who put their lives on hold to get him back.
Dátum: 2008-05-23 Idő: 08:30:00
DocArchive: What Next For Kenya? - Part One
In this two-part series, former BBC East Africa Correspondent Mike Wooldridge travels from the bustling capital, Nairobi, to the Rift Valley to report on the issues behind the conflict that erupted in Kenya at the turn of the year.
Dátum: 2008-05-20 Idő: 15:02:00
DocArchive: How Crime Took on the World
Cyber-crime is the fastest-growing sector of global-organised crime, worth about US$100 billion a year. Misha Glenny travels to Sao Paulo to find out why Brazil is the cyber-crime capital of the world.
Dátum: 2008-05-16 Idő: 17:49:00
DocArchive: Escape from Time
Who wouldnt like to escape the relentless march of time? Find out about the routes from those who attempt to escape the tyranny of time.
Dátum: 2008-05-15 Idő: 19:00:00
DocArchive: Assignment - Beyond Mark Weil
Last September, Mark Weil, the radical theatre director of the Ilkhom theatre in Uzbekistan, was stabbed to death while returning home from a rehearsal. As the regime in Tashkent hardened its line Mark Weil continued to challenge the authorities with his work. For Assignment Natalya Antelava asks whether this radical endeavour can survive without its director in an environment that is becoming more and more repressive.
Dátum: 2008-05-15 Idő: 09:06:00
DocArchive: Living With Chico Mendes
To mark the 20th anniversary of his assassination, Nick Maes looks at the life of Chico Mendes, the highly significant green activist who helped to galvanise the race to preserve the Amazon. Nick investigates what Chico Mendes achieved and gains exclusive access to his family.
Dátum: 2008-05-13 Idő: 15:30:00
DocArchive: How Crime Took on the World: Part Three
In the third part of this series on international crime, Misha Glenny is in South Africa where since the end of Apartheid, personal security has become almost a national obsession; the number of private security firms has mushroomed.
Dátum: 2008-05-12 Idő: 09:31:00
DocArchive: Where the Buffalo Roam
How have non-native creatures - from birds to bovines, reptiles to rhesus monkeys - become unlikely, but permanent, residents of Hong Kong?
Dátum: 2008-05-09 Idő: 08:00:00
DocArchive: Philosophy in the Streets
Nick Fraser looks at the intellectual revolution that spread from Paris throughout the world, particularly to America and then to Britain, in 1968.
Dátum: 2008-05-06 Idő: 12:18:00